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Frequently Asked Land Surveying Questions

For nearly 40 years, homeowners, construction experts and municipalities have trusted Kierstead Quigley and Roberts Ltd. for efficient land surveying at urban and rural locations throughout the Greater Saint John area, Kennebecasis Valley, and the Greater Hampton area. We invite you to browse our FAQ to learn more about the benefits of land surveying from reputable professionals. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to speak to our staff.

Q: Do I need a land survey at my property?

A: You do. A survey from Kierstead Quigley and Roberts helps to protect your home, business or property against future disputes and claims which could end up costing much more than a land survey. Land surveying has a broad range of applications and anyone can benefit from speaking to a trained surveyor.

Q: How much does land surveying cost?

A: The cost of a land surveying project can vary greatly. That’s why we’re proud to offer no-obligation quotes to our customers. The cost is determined by the existence or absence of survey monuments at property corners, the possibility of prior work having already been completed, the clarity of existing legal data and other factors. Speak to our team to learn more.

Q: What can a land survey teach me?

A: A land survey provides invaluable information to property owners. Our staff will prepare and deliver a thorough oral, written or graphical plan of any possible encumbrances, encroachments or other characteristics about a specific property. We will advise you on any available course of action to rectify negative aspects of a property. We’ll answer any questions you may have to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your land surveying.

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